Worldwide land cover mapping

WorldCover will establish a new baseline global land cover product at 10 m resolution that is developed and validated in almost near-real time and at the same time maximizes the impact and uptake for the end users.

A tremendous step forward towards the joint use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data for worldwide land cover mapping.


WorldCover will provide the ideal base to explore the synergetic use of Sentinel-1 and 2 at global scale for land cover mapping and result in a major step forward for both related science and services.

With and for various users

WorldCover has five key end-user which are an integral part of the project and will follow the whole project workflow from design up to validation and uptake.

WorldCover will provide a substantial benefit to various user communities and expands the established global land cover base of users and the development of novel services.





WorldCover Consortium

The WorldCover consortium consists of a group of highly experienced major European service providers and research organizations, covering all relevant aspects of land cover mapping. The consortium has a long track record of collaboration in diverse European and ESA projects, as well as the Copernicus Land and Climate Change Service.